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Comertbank Online

The electronic exchange of financial information, designed to exchange electronic documents between the Bank and the Client.


The electronic exchange of financial information "COMERTBANK-OnLine" - a program designed for the preparation and exchange of electronic settlement documents between the Bank and the Client, as well as for inquiries about the status of customer accounts.
Work the System "COMERTBANK-OnLine" occurs in the following modes:

  • Documents - outgoing and incoming documents, querying and archiving of documents;
  • Reference - use of ready handbooks supplied with "COMERTBANK-OnLine", such as bank codes, document types and currency codes, as well as the ability to create and support custom directories with information about partners and their user details;
  • connection with the bank - holding a communication session with the Bank of reception / transmission of documents;
  • Mail - transcript, checking signatures on documents received from the Bank and their treatment;
  • Administration system of differentiation of rights of use;
  • System Settings.

For technical issues related to the system of "COMERTBANK-InternetBanking", "COMERTBANK-OnLine" please contact technical support of the bank.


Phone: (+373 22) 839 809; GSM: (+373) 69777144


Dear Clients,


Hereby, we consider it necessary to remind you of the importance of non-disclosure of information relating to accounts and passwords from e-banking systems Systems COMERŢBANK-OnLine.


We inform you that the Bank does not test, technical and other similar works in real-time, do not use the existing accounts are not attracted to this end, its customers and does not ask for phone information regarding passwords or electronic keys.


We kindly request, at any telephone calls to your address with these issues, do not carry out any action and immediately contact your supervisor at the Bank.


We are always at your disposal.