Is an international transfer system through which you can receive / send money in over 40 countries worldwide with approximately 118 000 access points.





Short conditions:

  • Transfers can be sent and paid in – US Dollar, Euro and Russian Ruble.  
  • The transfer time – from 1 minute after they were dispatched.
  • The maximal amount to be sent - according to the legislation.
  • The commission is paid only by the sender at the time of shipment according to Unistream tariffs. Other commissions to recipient of the payment are not retained.
  • The transfer may be received and sent to any COMERTBANK subsidiary. For the transfer is not required to have bank account.

Period of validity: the transfer can be received during 30 days after shipment. After the deadline, the transfer is returned to the sending bank and is available for collection by the sender. For expired transfers, the commission will not be returned.


In case made the sender any changes in the transfer, not perceive additional commission.


How to perform money transfers is describe here


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