About the Bank

Comertbank - new horizons and continuing development!

At the moment Comertbank is a modern European bank, with management and high quality service that provides customers a secure financial support and complex.

Comertbank offers a wide range of banking and financial services in Moldova, paying particular attention to advanced banking services.

Comertbank significantly expands funding opportunities of investment projects and concessional offers its clients a maximum range of donor projects operating today in Moldova, and funding regional business development programs.

Bank expands its cooperation with foreign partners. The presence of correspondence relations with foreign banks in all countries that have active business Moldovan companies, allowing fast and efficient bank payments for its customers.

Special attention Comerţbank dedicated to serving corporate clients. The Bank aspires to cooperation with companies, with owners and managers who are oriented towards a successful development, socially and financially responsible, who respect its obligations faultlessly legal requirements. Among the bank's clients are representatives of various fields, such as industrial enterprises, investment, pharmaceutical, agricultural and commercial enterprises.

Within four years, the Bank has opened branches in Chisinau and Balti and Chisinau five agenţii- four and one t n Cahul. Permanent work is carried out with offers for individuals as well as geographical expansion urgent international transfer systems.

The opportunities for continued growth of Comertbank are based on the bank's development strategy adopted by the shareholders, who directs the past 12 years developing and perfecting profit for the bank.

The effectiveness of the Bank's activity is achieved primarily due to the competitive management and highly skilled personnel. Improving technical equipment of the Bank, the development of new information technologies allow significantly extend the broad spectrum of services for and performing at a high level of customer service. As a result, continuously improve service quality and optimization technologies, grading the pharmaceutical affairs, the bank offers clear prospects for development and success.

25 years of experience enable the bank to look with confidence to the future. However, Comertbank priority is to ensure financial well-being of each client.


Performance indicators BC "Comertbank" SA:

Conform situaţiei la 31.12.2018:

  • Activele totale ale Băncii au constituit 1 471,22 mil. lei, cu o creştere de 46,91 mil. lei faţă de finele anului 2017.
  • Capitalul social a constituit 147 000 000 lei ( +45 mil. lei in 2012).
  • Fondurile Proprii totale ale Băncii au constituit 274,43 mil. lei (toate cerinţele de capital impuse de BNM sunt respectate).
  • Portofoliul total de credite a constituit 618,19 mil. lei, cu o creştere de 78,56 mil. lei faţă de finele anului 2017.
  • Portofoliul de împrumuturi DLC în cadrul colaborării cu Banca Mondială, a constituit 124,47 mil. lei, cu o creştere de 57,08 mil. lei faţă de finele anului 2017.
  • Portofoliul de depozite a constituit 982,32 mil. lei, cu o descreştere nesemnificativă de 2,82 mil. lei faţă de finele anului 2017.
  • Coeficientul lichidităţii curente a constituit 57,41% (la un normativ de ≥20%) – media pe sistem 54,62%.
  • Profitul aferent exercițiului financiar 2018 a constituit 21,83 mln. lei, cu 3,96 mil. lei mai mult decât în anul predent.