Loans are financial resources provided by BC "COMERŢBANK" SA its customers provided their repayment deadlines and interest payment for their use. With consumer credit granted by BC "COMERŢBANK" SA, you can meet in the shortest possible time and with minimum financial expenditure, the need to obtain a loan to purchase a car or real estate, household appliances, etc.


BC "COMERŢBANK" S.A. extending credit to individuals in MDL, individual conditions, the submission of documents confirming the sources of loan repayment and collateral existence.


The types of loans to individuals:

  1. Loans for the purchase, construction and repair of buildings
  2. Loans for the purchase of transport
  3. Loans for the purchase of furniture, household appliances, etc.

Minimum requirements to potential borrowers:

  1. Permanent Income
  2. Age between 20 and 57/62 years for women / men, respectively (57/62 years is the maximum age at which it will repay the loan)
  3. The existence of collateral for loans that exceed 30.000 MDL.