Security measures using Visa cards

In order to increase the security of payment cards, using international practices and International Payment Systems, The Bank has established restrictions on the use of cards for cash withdrawal, internet transactions and card present payments  in the following countries: Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Burkina Faso, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Qatar, Syria, Tunisia, Argentine, British Virgin Islands, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Albania, Afghanistan.


In order to enable the use of the payment card in these countries, cardholder must submit a request to cancel these restrictions:

  • visiting one of the branches of the Bank, with of the valid identity card
  • accesing the 24 Comertbank internet banking system, the compartment Communication with bank 

or by calling the Call Center service to the number +373 22 839 807.



Security measures using Visa cards


1. Sign the back of your new card as soon as you get it.

2. Never write down your Personal Identification Number (PIN)-memorize it.

3. Use Verified by Visa service.

4. Treat your cards as if they were cash.

5. Never disclose PIN numbers to anyone.

6. Ensure that your card is returned after every purchase, cash withdrawal. Take your cash and ATM receipts.

7. Follow the instructions on the screen of ATMs.

8. Keep an eye on your card while it is being swiped through the merchant's terminal.

9. Verify transaction date, card number, cardholder name, transaction amount before signing the sales receipt.

10. Never give card numbers over the phone, unless you have initiated the call and you have verified you are dealing with a reputable merchant.

11. In case of transaction failure, check immediately card account balance.

12. Check billing statements and purchase amounts against receipts.

13. Make a list of all your cards and telephone numbers for reporting lost or stolen cards and keep this list in a safe place. Report lost or stolen cards to your issuing bank immediately.