TaxFree4U - the most simple way of VAT Refund in EU.


TaxFree4U is a VAT refund service for purchases made in 6 EU countries (Great Britain, Germany, France, Finland, Italy and Spain) without completion of any declarations, waiting in queues, and with the amount of VAT refund up to 19 %.


There are 6 easy steps for the VAT refund procedure.


Step 1:

Download the TaxFree4U app to your mobile from AppStore or GooglePlay and during registration add "COMERT" as a promo code.


Registration in TaxFree4U system




Step 2:

Add your trip

Enter information about your trip.


Step 3:

Add your receipts

Upload your receipts via the mobile application.


Step 4:

Get your complete VAT refund form

We will inform you when VAT form is ready.


Step 5:

Stamp your VAT form and send it to our processing center

Produce the VAT form at Customs and receive a stamp from the customs officer and after arrival put it in our box in the airport.


Step 6:

Get your VAT refund on your card

We will refund the VAT from your purchases onto your card.


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