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Bancassurance - insurance services from COMERTBANK


Bancassurance has become accessible to all customers BC “Comertbank” SA . Bank customers can now save time by purchasing insurance products directly to the Bank. Comertbank shall act as insurance agent, concluding insurance contracts with customers under the Partnership Agreement concluded with the insurance company VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP CA DONARIS S.A.


Insurance services:

  • Compulsory insurance of civil liability (RCA)
  • «Green Paper»
  • Medical insurance while traveling abroad
  • Providing real estate
  • Ensuring pledge


Customers of this service can be both legal entities and individuals wishing to purchase insurance policies.


The new service will simplify bancassurance and contracting with Comertbank lending, often providing debtor's obligation to provide collateral items (provision of collateral).


Now Comertbank a potential customer will not have to go specifically to insurance companies to conclude insurance contracts of these goods. It will benefit from this service, on-site and on favorable terms. To provide the highest service given, Bank employees have been trained in this regard.


Thus, by introducing Bancassurance service, Comertbank becomes a center complex lending and insurance. Bank customers will benefit from additional services and consultations, which will make them more comfortable purchasing banking and insurance products in the same office.


VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP DONARIS C.A. S.A. - It is an Austrian company with a history and tradition in insurance for over 190 years. At present time the company is one of the largest insurance groups in Europe and operates in 25 countries, both general insurance segment and that of life insurance.